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Rethinking Professional Development

Daniels Professional Development Program Prepares Undergrads For Workplace Success

Professional development is typically considered in the post-graduate career context. Discerning employers offer professional development programs to strengthen or sow new employee skill sets.


Faculty and Alumni Address How the COVID-19 Pandemic Has Changed Business—Perhaps Forever—and What Comes Next

Innovations in the way people communicate and interact came quickly and forcibly in 2020. With lockdowns and health and safety top of mind during the COVID-19 pandemic, gone were in-person gatherings and crowded offices—literally overnight, in many cases.

Pivoting Entrepreneurship at DU

Daniels’ Entrepreneurship Department has grown and adapted with time, experience, technological advances…even a pandemic

In 2019, the Daniels Business magazine reported on Daniels’ Entrepreneurship Department in “The Power of the Pivot.” Things are, well, different since then. Bigger. Better.

Introducing the NEW VOE Podcast

An extension of Voices of Experience, Daniels’ signature live speaker series

The Podcast unpacks topics at the intersection of business and the public good with CEOs and other business leaders. Like, follow and subscribe.

For the Love of Resilience

Tara Cappel (BSBA 2013) was feeling great heading into 2020. Like the rest of the world, Cappel had no idea that COVID-19 would strike, halting travel and immobilizing the company she’d forged.

Jim Griesemer

Dean Emeritus Looks Back on Three Decades of Service

Gary Farmar

Reflecting on a Rich Finance Career in Oil and Gas, Mining and Teaching

Greg Wagner

Advertising a Departure

John Holcomb

Here Since Before the Beginning

Jeff Bowen

A Career Marked by Coincidence, Fate or Hard Work?

Jane Morton

Still Putting Others First

2021 News & Noteworthy

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