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Breast Health Made Simple


Newly minted DU graduate Amelia Coomber (BS 2018) wants women to pay more attention to their breasts. The CEO and founder of BB & Co., Coomber sells products intended for just that purpose.

The idea for the company came in December 2016, when a friend gave her a homemade breast salve. “I had never used anything like that,” said Coomber, who graduated in 2018 with a degree in computer science. “It smelled incredible. It was really moisturizing, and I just loved everything about it.”

She saw the product as an answer to a problem: Few resources were available to young women to encourage the early awareness and detection of breast cancer. “I’m really into problem-solving,” she said.

Screening mammograms aren’t recommended until at least age 40, but women can conduct monthly self-exams. “The basic concept is that in order to detect a breast abnormality early, you need to know what they look and feel like, and you need to have a baseline,” Coomber said.

Coomber, who minored in entrepreneurship at Daniels, counted professors Rosanna Garcia and Stephen Haag among her mentors. She said Haag gave her the confidence to move forward, and Garcia provided insight into marketing the products and validating her assumptions. If women have an all-natural breast salve, would they use it? And would it help with early detection? About 700 women put Coomber’s product—called Boobi Butter—to the test. One woman in Japan used it and discovered a lump that was diagnosed as stage 2 breast cancer.

“That happened right before I graduated, and that was kind of the determining factor that made me want to continue this and give it 150 percent of my time since I graduated,” said Coomber, who runs the five-employee company from the Project X-ITE co-working space on campus. “That fuels our team every day. Even if we can make a difference in just one woman’s life, to us the company has been a success.”

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