In this issue: Spring 2020

Seeing in Color

Blue, red, yellow and green hold insights to improve communication and emotional intelligence

Are you an INTJ or an ENFP? Are you the Achiever or the Challenger? Or, are you made up of four main colors—fiery red, sunshine yellow, cool blue and earth green?

Leadership Reimagined

Exploring the future of collaborative, values-driven management

Prevailing ideas about successful leaders used to focus on intrinsic characteristics. You were either born a confident, hard-charging outlier or you weren’t. 

Vivek’s Vision

Daniels Dean Vivek Choudhury shares his vision for the college—and the future of business education

Vivek Choudhury joined the University of Denver as Daniels’ 17th dean Aug. 1, 2019. His passion for innovation and impacting students is the foundation of his vision for the College. 

Designing Your Life

Career Services helps students “design their lives” for a changing workplace

College and university career advising offices—charged with preparing students to enter an ever-evolving work world—must continually adapt to stay relevant. And up until recently, that hasn’t happened, said Bob Kumagai, executive director of Career Services at Daniels College of Business.

Developing Denver

Where the city is headed and why it’s equipped for the trip

The year is 2040 and you’re on I-25 near the University Boulevard exit. Screeeech. Hit the brakes. Are you driving? Probably not. Sure, you are in a car, but it may well be driverless. And that single innovation stands to change much more than just bad driving in Denver; it may reshape the city. 

Fishy Business

Alumnus Andrew McCuiston is making a splash with Goldfish Swim School Franchising

As you pass the vibrant front desk, friendly staff greet you by name and present a small toy to your child. It’s a fish named Bubbles and it’s “wearing” seasonal attire. You saunter past the palm trees and continue to the waterfront, soaking up the humidity on your skin. 

Answering His Calling

When the call came in the middle of the night, Felix Serrano answered. He had to. It was his job. Little did he know that working overnights in a call center would turn into so much more.

Inclusive, Outdoors

The tingling started in Alison Kessler’s feet, almost like they were falling asleep. Then her legs would lose sensation. Then her arms. Before long, Kessler (MBA 2015) was in the intensive care unit.

Revolutionizing Polling Through Data

Skylar White is intellectually curious, extremely engaging and might have a new business that will change election polling forever—thanks in part to his experience in a completely different industry.

Driving Supply Chain Insights

Fresh images of sea life caught in discarded plastic surface daily. Yet the challenge is far more complex than an individual’s improper disposal of a single-use container, according to John “Jack” Buffington, PhD.

Business Divided

If you’re a current or former chief executive officer with a history of personal misconduct, chances are Daniels’ new assistant professor of management Michael Nalick has seen your record.

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