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Powerful Connections

With its 300 days of annual sunshine, easy access to the mountains and high employment rate, Denver has become one of the most popular places to live and work in the U.S.

Denver also offers a burgeoning start-up community, powered in part by Daniels students and alumni. Here is just a sampling of some of the Denver-area companies that were founded by alumni of the College.

The Power of the Pivot

Less than two years ago, the Entrepreneurship Program at Daniels was a quiet little program serving only 49 students who primarily took research courses and read case studies.

Today, the program boasts 237 students and anticipates 320 by fall 2019. These students are launching their own businesses competing for investment dollars, receiving invites to international incubators and earning solid profits.

The Power of Partnerships

When two great things are paired together, the end result is often even better. Fries are tastier with ketchup. Batman is stronger with Robin. And peanut butter is somehow even better with jelly. All this is to say, there is power in partnerships.

At Daniels, the notion that there’s power in partnerships is not just discussed over coffee and doughnuts, it’s also put into practice.

The Power of Research

Faculty members at the Daniels College of Business are not just teachers. They are highly sought-after experts on marketplace trends who address tough business challenges with innovative solutions. They are thought leaders, industry influencers and trailblazers.

While their impact is often seen most clearly in the classroom, faculty members pursue research that has the power to not only transform people, but businesses, communities and the world.

World Class

Daniels becomes the third university in the world to offer an executive PhD

While some universities offer doctor of business administration (DBA) degrees targeted to executives, Daniels opted for the PhD because of the additional rigor and prestige.

Powerful Pioneers

How to succeed in business: Be prepared to make sacrifices. Never give less than 110 percent. Understand your competition. Commit to playing the long game.

Sure, it’s a little more involved than that, but that’s the abridged version. Athletes everywhere would do well to commit these instructions to memory as well.

Putting the “Star” in Starbucks

Forget the triple, venti, soy, no-foam latte. Katie Seawell (MBA 2004) prefers a more basic brew—albeit with a shot of social responsibility and a couple pumps of community impact.

Samer Soars

To say that Samer Asfour (MBA 2001) is an overachiever might be an understatement. While he was born second of four brothers, he almost always finishes first when he has a choice in the matter.

Disruptive Innovator

During her 30 years with “Big Blue,” Moni Miyashita lived through several “near-death” experiences as the company struggled to reinvent itself during the personal computer and client-server revolutions.

Spring 2019 News & Noteworthy

Driverless vehicles, a state treasurer debate, sprucing up student spaces and more!

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